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Bay Area’s Most Popular Hikes

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The Bay Area is a big place, and there’s plenty of ground to cover outside the confines of the Alameda waterfront apartments for rent. With that in mind, you might be thinking there are some great hikes to be found around this particular patch of California ground, and you’d be correct. The Bay has plenty of awesome hikes to hold your interest, and these are just a few of the top choices on the lengthy list.

Mount Diablo

Names can’t get much more intimidating than “Mount Diablo,” but don’t worry, this devilish-sounding mountain range to the east is plenty inviting to those who love to hike. You can get a good idea of which trails hikers love most around here by checking out the AllTrails listing, which includes various loops all over the expanse.

Angel Island

Angel Island State Park sits north of the city of San Francisco and features an abundance of campsites, wilderness and more for you to explore. Hiking opportunities also abound, and Angel Island is home to one of the most beautiful trails you find — the North Ridge Trail:

“As you near the summit, there’s a sign for a spur that leads to Mt. Livermore. This final section is not long and there are a number of picnic tables at the summit that provide the perfect spot for you to enjoy your lunch and take in the views of the Alcatraz, The San Francisco skyline, the Bay Bridge, and the Golden Gate.”

While it’s certainly the most prominent, bear in mind that the North Ridge Trail isn’t the only hike that exists on Angel Island. There are plenty more trails to check out, and you’ll have plenty to explore out here.

The Marin Headlands

Every Bay Area resident can tell you a little about the Marin Headlands directly north of San Francisco. Here, right across the Golden Gate Bridge, you’ve got wide open natural spaces like the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. You’ve also got plenty of hiking trails to conquer, like:
* Point Bonita Lighthouse
* Hawk Hill
* Rodeo Beach
* Fort Baker
* Muir Beach
* South Headlands
* Tennessee Valley
* Golden Gate Bridge Overlook

The amount of hiking in the Marin Headlands is seemingly endless, and you’ll have to plan accordingly to prioritize which ones you’ll want to hit first. There’s a good mixture of difficulties out in Marin, and regardless of how challenging a hike you take here, it’ll no doubt be beautiful.

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