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Explore Downtown Alameda

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The area around the Alameda apartments is often quiet and quaint, so you might not (at first) think there’s much to do on the island proper. You’d be mistaken, however, as Alameda is on the upswing. Here, that small-town charm is paired with an influx of new blood, resulting in a fusion of old and new that has provided the area with more than its fair share of fun things to do, awesome places to eat, and great spots to throw down for a drink. So, before you bounce over to Oakland or San Francisco to see the sights and have a great time, remember that there’s plenty in and around Alameda for you to sink your teeth into first.

You Can Grab a Bite to Eat

So, you remember that fusion of old and new we touched upon? You’ll find that well represented among many of Alameda’s eateries. They’ve got a certain small-town charm to them, but by no means are they “one note” or limited in what they offer on the whole. You’ll find cuisine from across the world represented here, and you’ll soon learn where your favorites are as you explore the culinary scene here.

Maybe Scolari’s will be your main addiction? They’ve made a name for themselves with their delicious cheeseburgers, delectable fried chicken, and other high-calorie meals that will do nothing but delight as you swallow down every bite. At the same time, though, more worldly offerings like Habanas Cubuan Cuisine, La Penca Azul, and Sidestreet Pho might be more to your liking. The point is that there’s plenty of variety around Alameda, so feel free to explore.

You Can Get a Stiff Drink

Equally inviting is Alameda’s bar scene. You want to grab a strong drink to get the party started? You’ve got plenty of options all across the island, and the well-noted establishments here provide an ample amount of variety in terms of drink selection and atmosphere so you can narrow down what best fits your fancy. Depending on what your “drinking mood” is, you might find yourself with a few choices on your short list.

Are you a fan of beer? Then you’ll have to stop by the Alameda Island Brewing Company to try some of those Island City IPAs, or Speisekammer if you want to get your fill of historic German brews. Alternatively, you might find yourself enchanted by the atmosphere of Forbidden Island. This tiki bar keeps it equal parts fun and classy, and the tropical drinks will ensure you’re able to kick the night off right. There are plenty more bars in Alameda to try, though, so be sure to explore and find out which establishments best suit your personality.

You Can Hangout With Your Crew

Here’s where Alameda shines like few other places in The East Bay can. There’s no shortage of fun things to do with friends, family, or solo, and you can spend days at time just roaming from haunt to haunt.

For starters, you can opt for the old-school gaming experience over at High Scores Arcade. The 80s-vibe is strong here, and for just $6 you can get an hour of free play time on the classic arcade machines. It’s a great place to unwind with friends and forget about everyday travails, and it’s not the only “game” in town either. If you’re a fan of High Scores, you might also want to check out the Pacific Pinball Museum, the Alameda-based keeper of many of these fine machines:

“The Pacific Pinball Museum offers over 90 “playable, historic pinball machines” with the signature lights, bells and whistles of the greatest models. Like most museums, the PPM owns a much larger collection - over 400 machines! - but only some are available for the public to see.”

If you’re after a different kind of museum vibe, you might also want to check out the USS Hornet Museum. The Hornet was once part of the pride and joy of the US Navy, an aircraft carrier that saw action in World War II and Vietnam. Now it ‘s more floating museum than a war machine, and you can check out old aircraft from the 1940s through the 1980s.

And if you’re just looking to relax outdoors, you can always head over to Crown Memorial State Beach. The waters are usually warm and inviting, and in addition to swimming, you’ll find plenty of folk out on watercraft and paddleboards enjoying a lazy day and gracefully making their way across the water. No matter your fancy, Alameda has some activity that will provide you with plenty of hours of enjoyment.

You Can Shop to Your Heart’s Content

Perhaps you’re looking to enjoy a quiet day browsing the stores and boutiques, looking for a few items to enhance your home decor or add to your clothing collection? Alameda has plenty in the way of fun shops, each offering something a bit different and all well suited for some high-level shopping therapy to ease your troubles too.

Vintage media, for instance, you can find at Rocket Reuse. The thrift store often has plenty of old vinyls and tapes in the collection, so you can use them to bolster your own collection or even as decorations throughout the home. For more modern stylings, though, you might instead head to Modern Mouse, where the classiest, cutting edge home goods are right at your fingertips. Regardless of your choice, there are plenty of stores in Alameda for you to browse, so get to it!

There’s More Going on Around the Alameda Apartments Than You Think

Don’t get us wrong, Alameda’s reputation as the “quiet” part of The Bay is well-earned, but it’s not as “sound and sleepy” around here as you may have assumed. There’s plenty of excitement to be found in the neighborhood, and you’re sure to have a great time exploring and getting yourself acquainted with Alameda’s unique take on living the good life. Come experience it for yourself. Learn what communities like Admiral’s Cove have to offer you, and prepare to make your move to the lovely and charming bayside paradise of Alameda.