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Moving to Alameda

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So, you’ve heard about the wonders of this lovely slice of the Golden State, and you’re looking to make a move to the luxury apartments in Alameda, CA, to start things fresh? You’ve made a wise decision — it’s hard to beat the small-town atmosphere of Alameda, coupled with it’s amazing proximity to both Oakland and San Francisco. You’ll want to avail yourself of knowledge if you’re from out of town, though, which is why today, we’re running through some of the most important facts you’ll need before you make that move and start calling Alameda your new home.

Facts About Alameda

Ready to be amazed? There’s probably a lot about Alameda you didn’t know yet, and we’re ready to put it all out on the table for you so that you know exactly what awaits when you come.

Alameda is Small and Diverse

Did you know the population of Alameda is just under 80,000 people? They call it the “Mayberry of the Bay” for a reason, and on an island that’s about 23 square miles, that breaks down to a population density of about 7,582.55 people per square-mile. It’s simultaneously compact and friendly without feeling like it’s super-dense or overpopulated. When you’re out and about, you’ll find yourself saying “hi” to strangers a lot more! Beyond that, though, you’ll find the demographic breakdown is much more diverse than other areas you may have previously looked at:

  • White — 49.3%
  • Black — 7.2%
  • Asian — 31.5%
  • Hawaiian — 0.7%
  • Hispanic — 11.8%
  • Indian — 0.3%
  • Other — 3.7%

There’s also a fair bit of diversity as far as the age of Alameda’s population is concerned, with the median age being 40.7%, and the official breakdown going a little something like this:

  • 18 and over — 79.9%
  • 21 and over — 77.6%
  • 62 and over — 17.5%
  • 65 and over — 13.8%

So, a mostly young population, but not devoid of age and wisdom, making for a good mix all about the island. And as far as the male/female split, you’ll find it goes almost straight down the middle, with 48.5% of the population being male and 51.5% of the population being female.

It’s Relatively Affordable in Alameda

You’ll be delighted to learn that Alameda isn’t exorbitant when it comes to prices, and most who live here earn a decent living. The median income in Alameda is $79,312, and economic development within and around the city has made it so that 96% of Alameda’s population is employed. Most of Alameda’s employed word in management, business, science, and arts (50.1%), though there are other occupations as well. A good number work in production, sales, and service driven industries, and Alameda has more than a few popular employers offering such positions. Here are a few of the most prominent:

  • Alameda Unified School District — 876 employees
  • Penumbra Inc. — 858 employees
  • VF Outdoor — 751 employees
  • Alameda Hospital — 694 employees
  • The Oakland Raiders — 604 employees
  • The City of Alameda — 518 employees
  • Abbott Diabetes Care — 512 employees
  • Safeway — 480 employees
  • Wind River Systems — 447 employees
  • Kaiser Foundation — 425 employees
  • As for the cost of living, you can use what most people are paying for their dwellings as a decent-enough barometer. In Alameda, 52.9% own a home, while 47.1% are paying rent on a property. Among the former, the median price of those homes is $639,700, while the median rent one might pay in the city is $1,407 — a far cry from the rates you might see elsewhere.

The Commute Isn’t Bad Here Either

First, a few cursory facts. About 59.9% of Alamedans commute to work by driving alone, and, on average, the commute time is about 30.7 minutes. Not bad (that’s definitely not the lengthiest commute you can imagine by any stretch), but if you’re thinking that a life stuck in morning traffic (no matter how long) isn’t for you, you’ll also want to keep in mind that many residents of Alameda can choose to skip the bumper-to-bumper slog.

Thanks to the ever-so-convenient ferries leaving from Alameda and traversing The Bay, getting around is as easy as a jaunt across the water. And if you’re just heading to another part of Alameda itself, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to walk the distance. Alameda has a pretty decent walkscore (60, according to Livability), and many of the island’s most frequented locations are in the areas that are easiest to get around.

It’s a Trip Back Through Time

In some respects, anyways. If you’re into old architecture, you’ll find plenty in Alameda, as the island is the location of a fair number of Victorian-era homes, many of which rival the ones you’ll see in San Francisco proper. Alameda is even home to its own version of the “Painted Ladies,” known locally as the “String of Pearls.” These houses are just as old, just as elegant, and, dare we say, even more beautiful than any you’ll find across The Bay.

You’ll Fall in Love With the Weather

If you’re no fan of extremes when it comes to cold temperatures, you’ll fit right in on Alameda. While San Francisco’s micro-climate makes it a bit cooler than what most expect, Alameda generally maintains the sweet spot in the mid-60s to 70s, and gets just a bit warmer during the summer months so you can have a great time at the beach.

The Luxury Apartments in Alameda, CA, Are the Perfect Place to Call Home

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