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The Importance of Living with Green Space

Overhead view of the great lawn at Admiral's Cove, a big circular-shaped lawn and green space. There are also private yards attached to each town home and a visible dog park. It's a sunny day.

Lots of new information and ways of understanding green spaces in our infrastructure have developed in recent years. As movements to address mental health, reconnect with nature, and rethink city living has evolved, green space has become an important factor that people look to when choosing where to live and how to spend their everyday life. Apartments and community developments with green space are attracting residents who want to live healthy lives. One of the benefits of moving to Alameda, CA is the increase in green space relative to other places in the Bay Area — and Admirals Cove is one of the places providing it.

What is Green Space?

In its most basic definition, green space is any area or piece of land that contains trees, grass, plants, and other natural organisms. In short, anywhere with greenery — especially that which is for public or community use. This can include parks and community gardens, but also includes grassy cemeteries, rows of trees, and more.

Beyond the literal definition, the spirit of the idea is spaces where community members can play, relax, and exercise in a natural environment with plants.

Why is Green Space Important?

Plants in our environment is good for us. Think of it this way: would you enjoy living somewhere where there was nothing but concrete, pavement, and brick for miles on end? Does it make you happy to have houseplants in your living room, or trees in your office window?

Many humans have been somewhat disconnected from nature for decades as office work and efficiency housing becomes more common, but we’ve been discovering that this can have a negative effect on mental health. The effect of green space on mental health is positive and sustained.

Areas with more green space also promote physical activity — it encourages people to get out and engage in outdoor recreation. This can have a compounding positive effect on mental health as well, but it also positively impacts physical health.

Green space, done well, also has positive effects on air quality and other environmental health factors.

Green space is necessary and more than just aesthetics — and it’s now considered humane to take it into account when planning infrastructure.

How Can Housing Developments Keep Green Space in Mind?

As housing is being developed or redeveloped, developers should consider how green space can be included in the design — whether this means green community courtyards, recreational yards, rooftop gardens — whatever they can think of! Developments can get really creative in including green space for their residents.

What Green Space Exists at Admiral’s Cove?

Admiral’s Cove was careful to think about green space in development. In the center of our development, we placed a large lawn that can accommodate a whole community of families for picnics, bocce, pick-up soccer, tanning, or just reading in the sun. We are also landscaped with a carefully-maintained variety of plants throughout the complex and between buildings. Plus — every home has a private backyard which they are free to landscape how they wish to create their own private green space.

Free tip — when creating your own green space, know that fake plants have some of the same mental health benefits, so if you don’t have a green thumb you won’t miss out.

At Admiral’s Cove, we’re proud to develop housing with healthy living in mind and luxury amenities for our townhouse apartments with private yards, modern interiors, and more.